CaseStudyWritingService's Honor Code
The CaseStudyWritingService company does not approve and will never take part in academic dishonesty of all types. Moreover, it will never promote deception, a commission of cheating, and receiving undeserved degrees and marks.
Our company does not maintain and encourage corporate dishonesty of all types and disturbance of corporate policies. Our platform will not help users to perform swindles and be engaged in illegal activity under no circumstances.
In the situation where evidence is discovered that an expert has consciously contributed illegal activity of any type, this expert will be instantly fired from our company.
Our platform does not heavily support:
Requesting or delivering unauthorized extraneous assistance with academic projects of all types.
Taking paper documents of other writers and passing these off these documents as one’s own out of right attribution.
Accepting the personality of other users/people for any goal.
Freelancers will never pass examinations and quizzes instead of anyone.
This also applies to fraud, plagiarism, and participation in any doing and process that breaks the academic policy of educational institutions (school, college, and university). In the situation where an expert consciously contributed fraud, this writer will be instantly fired from the company.
1Notification for Separate Customers refers sensitively to time restrictions and tension that learning can influence on students in educational institutions. Still, the risk of breaking the policy of academic honesty of your educational institution is not worth the involved efforts.
  • Clients are not able to utilize company to take part in illegal activity of all types and break the rules of an educational institution.
  • Clients are forbidden to accept writing materials of all types they have got from freelance authors and pass them off as their personal.
3Notification for Organizations provides the possibility for every user to get expert assistance with any written assignment performed by a true professional in your sphere. Nevertheless, you should remember that it is imperatively recommended not to break our own corporate policies on the company.
  • Members of organizations are forbidden to utilize the company for the purpose of illegal activity of all types.
  • Members of organizations are severely forbidden to utilize freelancers to take part in cheating actions of all kinds.
2Notification for Professors and Educational Institutions
Our platform understands how relentlessly you operate to keep academic honesty in your learning groups, classes, and educational institutions. Our company maintains you in your striving to continue conducting learning fair, clear, and beneficial. Being academicians and participants of different academic and educational institutions, our platform urges you to inform us about any breaks of the honor code essay.
4Notification for Freelancers is a company that provides out-and-outer possibilities and enables you to demonstrate yourself as a writing expert to separate clients, organizations, and educational institutions. Being a freelancer that is working in company involves sticking to the rules mentioned below:
  • Freelancers are severely forbidden to create and promote conditions that will break/disrespect corporate rules or policies of educational institutions in any way.
  • Freelancers are forbidden to assist separate customers or representatives of organizations to take part in fraudulent or cheating actions.
Enumeration of Forbidden Requests of Assignment
Those who utilize the web version of or mobile app and break the limitations mentioned in the honor code essay will be instantly blocked on this company forever. The possibility to recover accounts is unavailable. Enumeration of requests that break the policies of our company is mentioned below. You should pay attention that this enumeration is not exhaustive but it should be utilized as a guide:
  • Making counterfeit financial records;
  • Creation of resumes and curriculum vitae with counterfeit job expertise;
  • Making official documentation of all kinds;
  • Passing yourself as other personality no matter intention and goal;
  • Creation of academic materials of an educational institution to present as client's personal work;
  • Ghostwriting and large volumes of academic job involving term papers, dissertations, and theses;
  • Creation of counterfeit information, quotes, and data, doings or assignments that break honor codes essay (corporate rules and policies of educational institutions).
In the situation where you become a witness of actions that are contradictory to the honor code essay, it is recommended to inform us about them as soon as possible.
Inform about Disturbance
Our company trusts writers on a freelance basis who deliver assistance of the highest quality on granting both services and products. likewise considers that assistance writers deliver needs to be of ethical character. In the situation where you think that a writer decided to grant unethical assistance, we will appreciate it if you inform us about this violation.
Select option of disturbance you desire to inform us:
Academic deception and improbity
Our platform does not maintain ordering or granting preliminarily written or custom-written educational tasks. This applies to using the personality of a client for different goals involving passing examinations and tests.
Conduction of unethical or illicit activity
Writers on a freelance basis are not allowed to take part in activities that break corporate policies, rules, and laws.
Personal and anonymous data
Our platform forbids writers on a freelance basis to request your anonymous data. For instance: bank card data, passwords, and other analogical varieties of personal data.
Our company forbids utilizing papers of other writers out of proper attribution.
Hate and outrage
Writers on a freelance basis are not allowed to distribute or publish content that propagandizes hate and outrage, menaces, haunts, or intimidates different users.
Another type of violation
In the situation where you desire to inform us about other violations that are not included in the previously mentioned rules, you can choose this variant.