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Our case study writing service is rated 8/10 based on 439 reviews.
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In medicine, nursing case studies are an interactive means of analyzing a specific situation, reflecting the patient’s health status, differential conducting diagnostics, and choosing treatment tactics. The use of nursing case studies complements traditional teaching methods (lectures and practical classes). It aims not to gain new knowledge but to form professional competence, skills, and mental activity abilities. It’s vital to practice nursing case study writing.

As a rule, the case includes objective data of the examinee: photo and video materials of the nursing examination with comments from the attending physician and other specialists, recordings of the patient’s characteristic voice, the results of the research. And the formulation of questions arising in the diagnostic process. Consider a nursing case study example:

During the nursing examination, the following data were obtained: complaints of severe pain in the epigastric region, arising 30-60 minutes after eating, belching with air, sometimes food, constipation, bloating. Sick for 1.5 years. Complaints of fatigue, weakness, poor sleep.

Objective assessment of the examinee: satisfactory condition, clear consciousness, active position in bed. The subcutaneous fat is well developed. Pulse 64 beats per minute. The tongue is coated with a white coating. There is a moderate tension of the anterior abdominal wall in the epigastric region. The liver and spleen are not enlarged.

Solutions to the situation using the case study method in nursing: The nurse registers the examinee in the hospitalization register, informing the attending physician about him. Assign bed rest, diet, fibro gastro duodenoscopy with biopsy. Writes out Denol 1 capsule four times a day; No-Spa solution 2% 2 ml subcutaneously.”

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Instructions on How to Write a Nursing Case Study

The strong nursing paper writing projects are focused on accurate data and results. They research certain diagnoses and provide a plan of treatment. Thus, every detail in your document must be accurate. You should double-check your writings often. You cannot provide delayed papers. The nursing case research questions must be answered timely. There is always a deadline for such academic assignments. You can check various nursing case study examples to come up with the winning ideas. It will also help you with the proper structure and plan for your document. If you lack proper knowledge or even a basic understanding of a topic, it can be more logical to reach for nursing case study help on the Internet. Expert nursing case study writing assistance online can be the best solution. In such a situation, you will get an accurate article with the required treatment proposal, diagnosis explanation, or any other information you care about. Besides, you can order a task accomplishment from a Ph.D. nursing writer. It will assure you of an error-free and original final article.

In the first step, you need to designate examinee status. In this section, you need to write information about the examinee, find his medical history. Perhaps you will find information about the diagnosis and treatment method from the attending physician who has previously dealt with the examinee. In writing, describe everything the examinee has told you about himself. Next, you need to describe the reasons why the person needs urgent help from medical personnel. This may be data on the symptoms that the examinee experienced before arriving at the hospital. This way, you can quickly determine the diagnosis. This is the nurse’s role – to correctly record the symptoms and indicate the disease’s process.

We pass to the second stage, which is called – nursing assessment. In this section, it is necessary to assess the patient. When evaluating a patient, you can use criteria such as pain level, dizziness level, nausea level, etc., depending on the problem. The assessment that you will give to the patient must be described so that the doctor has a holistic picture of the patient’s condition. Consider a specific example: a patient who has cancer. The first symptom is having a hard time going to the toilet. You write down the symptom and find the cause of the problem. Having found all the potential reasons why it is difficult for a patient to go to the toilet, it is necessary to draw up a treatment method.

After the above two stages, we move on to the last – the disease’s treatment appointment. Your task is to write a prescription for medicines and a method of treatment, therapy. Remember to describe why the treatment you choose is best for the patient. Then discuss your suggested method with your doctor. If the doctor confirms the correctness of your intentions, then you can prescribe it to the patient. Tell the patient how the treatment should affect the problem and what results to expect. Document all data, and you can send the patient for treatment.

After reviewing how to write a nursing study, we can give you some exciting paper ideas. Review case study topics in nursing and choose the one that best suits you:

  1. Modern methods of treatment of respiratory diseases.
  2. Psychosomatic diseases and their prevention.
  3. Approaches to the treatment of bronchial asthma.
  4. Approaches to the treatment of pyelonephritis.
  5. Causes of gastric ulcer.
  6. Risk factors for the development of hypertension.
  7. Forms of bronchial asthma. Features of treatment.
  8. Features of diet therapy for ischemic heart disease.
  9. Prevalence of diabetes mellitus in different age groups.
  10. Complications of local surgical infection. Peculiarities of drug therapy.

Case Studies for Nursing Students

If you tend to organize proper studies for nursing students, you should learn some useful information. Be aware of the key categories of mentioned papers.

There are three categories of nursing case studies with answers:

  1. The present-day examinee status. This category will take account of demographic figures and the health history of the examinee. It will also cover diagnosis and plan of treatment.
  2. The examinee’s medical valuation. This particular category requires the results of numerous tests. Also, it calls for vital signs’ checking and all-important observations.
  3. The up-to-date care plan with recommendations. This nursing paper will include the up-to-date valuation of the care plan. It also covers proper references for any changes needed to monitor and improve the patient status

The two first types of assignments are patient case studies for nursing students. It means they cover the examinee information. You may need to check demographical data, various medical observations, results of tests, etc. The last type is more concentrated on the care strategy and proposal.

Nursing Case Study Assignment Recommendations

Most students who prepare a nursing case study assignment focus on diagnoses, tactics of treatment, and various medical observations. They frequently ask - How do I write a nursing case study? The best works include accurate data only. You cannot make mistakes in this type of assignment. They are about a person’s health and remain highly important. Attention to detail is crucial. Impressive communication and research skills are also required. Lots of college academic projects have strict deadlines. You have a bunch of requirements and guidelines to follow. It makes the entire writing process in nursing very stressful. To get rid of both pressure and stress, you should find an experienced assistant. You can do it easily online. It takes a few minutes to order error-free and unique papers these days. You just need to be sure of ordering at a trustworthy online service.

We Are Ready to Help With Case Studies for Nursing Students

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