What Is a Case Study - Types and History of Creation

What Is a Case Study – Types and History of Creation

The case study was first done at Harvard Business School. The students and teachers concluded that the book’s “theoretical material could not be applied in practice. Therefore, it is necessary to find such a method to assimilate the material into practice. An alternative to textbooks was interviews with leading business practitioners and detailed reports written based on how top managers solved a particular situation and the factors influencing their activities. This is how the case study system and the first business cases were born.

Are you wondering what a case study is? This type of paper’s whole point is that it is necessary to analyze the situation’s problems in different directions and make decisions. Cases are very different from other types of paper. A person needs to study a real situation that happened recently. Sometimes you can imitate the situation, but it must be very close to real life. Solving a case means finding a way out of the situation, preferably with positive results.

You won’t be able to find answers to the situation simply by googling on the Internet. The case is aimed at learning how to think critically. Thanks to your own experience, you will be able to make decisions, draw conclusions, compose results, and show in practice that you have achieved the desired goals on the problem. You can work alone on a project or in a group. This technique’s value lies in the fact that you learn to solve problems, learn a new learning format, and learn further information applied in the future.

There are the following types of cases:

  1. A random case is a short document describing a problem that occurred at random. This case can illustrate a new problem that no one had encountered before and brought it up for discussion. You can use computer technology to create graphs, drawings, and more.
  2. Case exercise is aimed at allowing you to put theoretical material into practice. Most often, it is used by students to get a qualitative analysis of the problem.
  3. Case-situation is the most common type of paper in which a student needs to study a situation that happened to a client or patient. A case situation requires a lot of time and effort to study situation in detail. Therefore, it is advisable to find yourself a partner and share responsibilities equally.

Simple and Straightforward Case Study Definition

We recommend that you memorize the following case study definition and apply it in your future work. A case is a real problem situation that needs to be solved. A case study writing service is necessary to develop ingenuity, find ways to solve a problem, diagnose situations, and apply skills in practice to obtain positive results.

Case study objectives:

  • diagnostics of information can be analyzed in a group or alone;
  • search for the main problems in the company, product, service;
  • search for solutions to the problem;
  • assessment of solutions, that is, to select only the best;
  • drawing up an action plan depending on the situation.

If you think that only students do case studies, then we will give you a small example. At a construction company, a contractor needs to draw up a case study and understand how much concrete is needed to build a foundation, depending on the house plan. Then find the necessary company so that the order of materials is profitable in terms of price. The contractor needs to use mathematical knowledge, formulas, and prove his point of view to the customer. To understand how this scheme works, we have compiled an algorithm of actions below.

How to Write a Case Study – Instruction From an Expert

Everybody writes cases. Marketers, developers, lawyers, psychologists. Because they give a clear picture of how the company works and an understanding of how experts understand their business. You should keep up with the modern world and know how to write a case study. Below we have discussed the standard case study format, and you can follow it or add your sections:

  1. To release a sensible case, you need to prepare, think over the structure, create a case study outline, and then write it.
  2. Think over the structure. The case’s logic is simple: we describe the problem, then the solution, and finally, the result. Since the marketing case is designed to sell services, we use elements of selling texts and get a basic structure:
    1. Catchy headline.
    2. Lead.
    3. Description of the client and his problem.
    4. Targets and goals.
    5. Decision.
    6. Results and Conclusions.
  3. Catchy headline. The headline’s task is to catch the desired audience’s attention and interest to read the text. The title can show the most striking achievements, preferably with numbers. For example, we have a case called “How we received an additional 138 transactions using web push notifications without increasing advertising costs.” Also, the title can be enhanced by mentioning famous customers. You can try to introduce an element of provocation.
  4. Lead. In the introduction, you can describe the title, tell the case, mention a few interesting facts, and voice the results. Your introduction paragraph should be 2-3 sentences long.
  5. Description of the client and his problem. Tell us about the client’s company and the problems he faced: how he tried to solve it independently, why he came to you, what results did you expect. You can fill out the block with a quote where the client talks about himself and the problem himself.
  6. Targets and goals. This block indicates the client’s goals and the tasks that needed to be solved to achieve them.
  7. Decision. You need to consistently tell how you worked on the project, what tools you chose, what difficulties you overcame to solve the client’s problem. Don’t be afraid to write about errors if something didn’t work the first time. Give reasons for your decisions, show yourself as an expert. This is the largest block in the cases.
  8. Results and Conclusions. Tell us what you achieved in the end – what indicators did you achieve, and how much higher they were than the initial ones, what benefits you brought to the client. If you continue to cooperate, you can write about plans for the future, provide interim results.

What Is a Case Study Method by Example?

We agree that writing a case study is a difficult task. For you to fully understand this type of documents, we have prepared a case study example:

“The company is faced with the problem of the effectiveness of employees in the sales department. There are three people. The first person works with 70% of customers, the second with 20%, and the third with 10%. With these indicators, the second one shows the highest sales, but he only works with regular customers. The third, on the contrary, works only with new customers, while the first works with both new and regular customers. The manager’s task is to increase the sales plan and redistribute customers’ flow to maximize profit.

To solve this problem, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. What opportunities for improvement could there be in this situation?
  2. What standards can help improve the performance of each salesperson and the sales department in the long term?

Solution: Perhaps the first seller works best with new buyers or with regular ones. It is also worth trying to swap the positions of the second and third sellers. The second will work only with new ones, and the third will only with permanent ones. Perhaps they are in a professional crisis and need a change of scenery. “

How to Write a Case Study Assignment With Our Help?

Students do not know how to write a case study assignment and face difficulties in solving the problem. Most likely, you will need our case study help in the following cases:

  • lack of free time for independent and collective work, the impossibility of breaking away from the work process;
  • lack of a theoretical basis or misunderstanding of the case study structure;
  • difficulty in developing an approach to solving problems, preventing the achievement of a higher level of generalization;
  • difficulty with modeling answer options in a wider range than indicated in the task.

Our specialists have vast experience and know correctly the case study method definition as well as its nuances. Some writers are teachers in this area: they can analyze the situation proposed and develop the most optimal action plan. Our experts can find the best way to put the strategic plan into practice in a real-world environment, which provides the highest score for the case.

By deciding to order a case from us, you get a finished work and a full package of methodologies and techniques for resolving a specific situation. All necessary additional information will be obtained in the course of consultation with the executing specialists.

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